Quickly share files with python SimpleHTTPServer

With python2 builtin SimpleHTTPServer (or http.server in python3), you can start an http service to easily and quickly share a directory with files, which is especially useful and convenient in LAN environments.

Nginx to share default http port

How to use nginx to proxy http request to default port (e.g. 80) to other processes running on different ports on the same server.

Expose localhost with pagekite.py

Pagekite.py is tool using reverse proxy to create a tunnel to your localhost which is then publicly accessible from outside your networks, and this is also known as localhost tunneling which is especially useful when you want to quickly test or access a local running web app behind NAT and firewall from outside of your networks and don’t want to go through the complicated processes such as: buying a cloud-based server like vps for dns configuration with public static ip, or deployment to cloud based instances like aws ec2, and etc.

Convert mysql to sqlite

A script to convert mysql to sqlite.

Insert into mysql with python dict

How to use python dict as data source for mysql insert-into statement.

Java generates base64 encoded hmac with sha256

Java generates base64 encoded hmac with sha256.

Java Executors ThreadPool example with Callable and Future

Java Executors ThreadPool example with Callable and Future.

Java sort HashMap by key

Java sort HashMap by key.

How to iterate maps in java

How to iterate maps in Java.

Jenkins html publisher css issue

Noticed in latest jenkins build (e.g. 2.19.2), the css style of html report published by html-publisher-plugin is not working.