Java sort HashMap by key

Java sort HashMap by key.

How to iterate maps in java

How to iterate maps in Java.

Jenkins html publisher css issue

Noticed in latest jenkins build (e.g. 2.19.2), the css style of html report published by html-publisher-plugin is not working.

Python connect mysql with pymysql

PyMySQL is a pure-Python MySQL client library which allows you to easily connect to MySQL db and perform db operations in pythonic way.

How to reset mysql root password

How to reset mysql root password.

Troubleshooting network connectivity with ping

Ping is the most commonly-used tool for simply troubleshooting network connectivity.

Enable snmpd on rhel linux

How to enable snmpd on rhel linux for performance data monitoring via snmp.

Android layout_weight

layout_weight is used in LinearLayouts to assign “importance” to Views within the layout. All Views have a default layout_weight of zero, meaning they take up only as much room on the screen as they need to be displayed. Assigning a value higher than zero will split up the rest of the available space in the parent View, according to the value of each View’s layout_weight and its ratio to the overall layout_weight specified in the current layout for this and other View elements.

Mac network traffic monitoring tool nettop

Mac network traffic command line monitoring tool nettop.

Testng verbose config

In testng.xml, the “verbose” attribute of the suite tag is very useful for troubleshooting configuration related error. Its values can be set as 1 to 10, and smaller value means lower verbose and bigger value means higher verbose.