Java static class

In Java, static fields and static methods are common but how about static class? Here is an example.

Config postfix with gmail to send email from linux command line

A working example on how to config postfix with gmail smtp server to send email directly from linux command line and tested on vagrant vm with ubuntu precise 32.

Java multithreading

Java multithreading programming demo.

Javascript calendar

A javascript calendar.

Pretty print json

How to pretty print json usually for better visibility.

Regular expression commons

Common regular expression symbols, characters, and usage.

Dynamically change form action based on user input

How to dynamically change html form action value based on user input.

Java parse common data files

Java parse common data files such as csv, json, yaml, xml, ini, properties and etc.

Java serialization

Java serialization and deserialization examples.

Java reflection

Java reflection examples.