Setup selenium grid to use in robotframework

Setup selenium grid to use in robotframework for web browser automation testing.


Start the hub

$ java -jar selenium-server-standalone-x.xx.x.jar -role hub

Register a node

$ java -jar selenium-server-standalone-x.xx.x.jar \
  -role node  \
  -hub http://hub-server:4444/grid/register

Optional config

  • -port XXXX (default 4444)
  • -host
  • -timeout (default 300, seconds before hub releases node if no requests)
  • -maxSession (default 5, max number of browsers to run in parallel)
  • -browser
    • browserName={android, chrome, firefox, htmlunit, internet explorer, iphone, opera}
    • version={browser version}
    • firefox_binary={path to executable binary}
    • chrome_binary={path to executable binary}
    • maxInstances={maximum number of browsers of this type}
    • platform={WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC}
  • -registerCycle
  • examples:
    $ -browser browserName=firefox,version=3.6,maxInstances=5,platform=LINUX
    $ -browser browserName=firefox,version=3.6,firefox_binary=/home/myhomedir/firefox36/firefox,maxInstances=3,platform=LINUX 
    $ -browser browserName=firefox,version=4,firefox_binary=/home/myhomedir/firefox4/firefox,maxInstances=4,platform=LINUX
    $ -browser “browserName=firefox,version=3.6,firefox_binary=c:\Program Files\firefox ,maxInstances=3, platform=WINDOWS”

Check grid console with web browser

$ http://hub-server:4444/grid/console

Use in robotframework script

*** Settings ***
Documentation               This is just an example
Metadata                    VERSION     1.0
Library                     Selenium2Library
Suite Setup                 Start Browser
Suite Teardown              Close Browser

*** Variables ***
${BROWSER}                  firefox

*** Keywords ***
Start Browser
    [Documentation]         Start firefox browser on selenium grid
    Open Browser            ${SERVER}   ${BROWSER}   None  http://hub-server:4444/wd/hub

*** Test Cases ***
Check page title
    [Documentation]         Check the page title
    Title Should Be         Google


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