SQL basics

SQL basics.

ELK getting started notes

Getting started notes on ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).

Setup nagios and check_mk with omd

References on how to setup nagios with check_mk plugin with omd package.

Setup nagios core

Setup nagios core on ubuntu 12.04 (precise 32) with root user.

Logstash send email alert

How to config logstash email output plugin to send email alert.

Logstash getting started

Logstash getting started simple guide covering installation and a simple example.

Git tips

Some git commands and tips

Ant zip files and keep root directory

An example of using apache Ant to create a zip file and keep the root directory.

Execute shell command in java

Execute linux/unix command in java.

Rabbitmq java client

Sample entrance code of rabbitmq java client.