Python remove duplicate dict in list

Remove duplicate dict from a list in python.

In [1]: d1 = {'name': 'andy'}

In [2]: d2 = {'name': 'andy'}

In [3]: l = [d1, d2]

In [4]: print l
[{'name': 'andy'}, {'name': 'andy'}]

# way 1 - with set/tuple:
In [5]: l1 = [dict(t) for t in set([tuple(d.items()) for d in l])]

In [6]: print l1
[{'name': 'andy'}]

# way 2 - with enumerate:
In [7]: l2 = [i for n, i in enumerate(l) if i not in l[n+1:]]

In [8]: print l2
[{'name': 'andy'}]

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