Insert into mongodb with DBRef

How to insert a new object into mongodb using pymongo with reference to other objects using DBRef.

Print or remove duplicates in list

How to quickly print out or remove duplicated items from given list in python.

SSL error with python requests

Quick fix to an ssl error was encountered with python requests on ubuntu 14.04.

Enable https for github pages with cloudflare

Github pages currently does not support https for blogs that use custom domain name, and here is what CloudFlare comes to a rescue.

Redirect http to https in nginx

How to redirect http traffic to https in nginx configuration.

Enable ssl with letsencrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open CA (Certificate Authority) and let’s make use of it to enable ssl access to web application serviced by nginx.

Compiling error installing lxml on ubuntu

A compiler error was observed during installing lxml on ubuntu the error looks something like: error: command ‘x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc’ failed with exit status 4, and it’s most likely caused by low memory.

Quickly share files with python SimpleHTTPServer

With python2 builtin SimpleHTTPServer (or http.server in python3), you can start an http service to easily and quickly share a directory with files, which is especially useful and convenient in LAN environments.

Nginx to share default http port

How to use nginx to proxy http request to default port (e.g. 80) to other processes running on different ports on the same server.

Expose localhost with is tool using reverse proxy to create a tunnel to your localhost which is then publicly accessible from outside your networks, and this is also known as localhost tunneling which is especially useful when you want to quickly test or access a local running web app behind NAT and firewall from outside of your networks and don’t want to go through the complicated processes such as: buying a cloud-based server like vps for dns configuration with public static ip, or deployment to cloud based instances like aws ec2, and etc.