Java child class also 'inherits' parent class private fields

Code example to show that Java child class also inherits parent class private fields.

Java group list objects by attribute

How to group a list of objects by one of the object’s attribute, which is similar to SQL group by statement and having the same results.

Java base64 encode and decode example

Java base64 encode and decode example.

Java String concatenation performance concern

Java String concatenation performance concern.

ThreadPoolExecutor map method with multiple parameters

ThreadPoolExeuctor from concurrent.futures package in Python 3 is very useful for executing a task (function) with a set of data (parameter) concurrently and this post lists examples on how to pass MULTIPLE parameters to the task being executed.

Floating horizontal scrollbar

How to use a jquery plugin to implement floating horizontal scrollbar, which is especially useful for single page application where partial content of the page (i.g. table of data) are large and dynamically updated and you don’t want to make use of the browser scrollbar for scrolling the partial content.

Java POI excel merge cell and style

Quick code example on how to merge cells with POI and apply cell style to the merged cell.

Java lazy initialization singleton instance pattern

Java lazy initialization singleton instance pattern.

Java sort arrays in descending order

Java sort arrays in descending order.

Java bubble sort implementation

Java bubble sort implementation.