Nodenv quick commands cheatsheet

nodenv is a great tool to manage multiple NodeJS versions and here are some of its commonly used commands summarized for quick reference.

React-csv issue in async data and rendering

In frontend development sometimes you need to export the data (usually in JSON format) as downloadable csv format, and for those working on ReactJS related web applications, there is a package named react-csv that can save you from breaking the DRY… However, you may also encounter issues when applying this package in some specific scenarios, such as the one I’m writing down soon which involves in data being loaded asyncronously but needed for initial UI rendering.

Python topics of interest

List of python topics of interest.

Install docker on ubuntu

Command list to install docker ce on ubuntu (17.10).

MySQL kill sleep processes

How to kill sleep/idle/zombie processes in mysql.

MySQL delete table rows and reset index

How to delete all rows of a table and also reset the index.

Insert images into excel with POI

How to insert images when outputting excel using POI packages in Java.

Java common data type and structure operations

Java common data type and structure operations.

Java only creates sub class instance

Code example to show that when a new instance is created, Java only creates instance for the sub class, and for the super class.

Java open url with URL and URLConnection

Java open url with URL and URLConnection.