Javascript calendar

A javascript calendar.

Pretty print json

How to pretty print json usually for better visibility.

Regular expression commons

Common regular expression symbols, characters, and usage.

Dynamically change form action based on user input

How to dynamically change html form action value based on user input.

Java parse common data files

Java parse common data files such as csv, json, yaml, xml, ini, properties and etc.

Java serialization

Java serialization and deserialization examples.

Java reflection

Java reflection examples.

Highlight web element in selenium webdriver

How to highlight a web element after it is located in selenium webdriver.

Testng custom listener and reporter

Testng custom listener to log individual result of test method execution and custom reporter to log summary report of test suite execution.

Log4j testng reporter appender

When developing test automation framework in java with testng and log4j, one can append log4j logs to the “Reporter output” section of testng html report and this post shows how to achieve that.