How to pass testng command line arguments dynamically when Ant is used for invoking testng task.

Below is the sample section of testng task target defined in Ant build.xml file:

  <target name="runTest" depends="compile">
      <testng classpath="${cp}:${build.dir}" groups="${groups}">
          <xmlfileset dir="${basedir}" includes="testng.xml"></xmlfileset>

Then from command line, by using the jvmarg properties, you can provide the value of “groups” (which is a standard testng command line attribute) dynamically like this:

  $ ant runTest -Dgroups group1,group2,...,groupN

Above is equivalent to invoking testng from command line using java:

  $ java org.testng.TestNG -groups group1,group2,...,groupN testng.xml
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