With Jenkins “This build is parameterized” feature, we can dynamically pass testng parameters (i.e. test config or data input) through Ant.

Here is how-to:

  • In Jenkins, config job and enable “This build is parameterised” and config a set of variables;

    Note: These variables are available as env. vars and should be accessed by os shell as well as by tools like Ant and etc.

  • In Jenkins, config job build with Ant and upon job execution, the parameters configured in step 1 are automatically appended to Ant command as properties:
    $ ant -Dvar1=value1 -Dvar2=value2 … -DvarN=valueN runTest
  • In testng.xml file:
    • Do not define <parameter name=“” value=“”></parameter> for the above variables that are intended to be parameterised in Jenkins;
    • If defined in testng.xml file, the values defined in Jenkins will be overriden by those in testing xml file
  • Important step: in Ant build.xml when defining the target, ensure the “delegateCommandSystemProperties” attribute is set to “true”, e.g.
      <target name="runTest" depends="compile">
        <testng classpath="${cp}:${build.dir}" delegateCommandSystemProperties="true">
          <xmlfileset dir="${test-cases.dir}" includes="testng.xml"/>
  • Important notice: In order for jenkins/ant to pass the parameters to testng, the parameters in testng java methods should be defined with @Parameters tag (The ITestContext will not work), refer to discussion for more.
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