Logstash getting started

Logstash getting started simple guide covering installation and a simple example.

Git tips

Some git commands and tips

Ant zip files and keep root directory

An example of using apache Ant to create a zip file and keep the root directory.

Execute shell command in java

Execute linux/unix command in java.

Rabbitmq java client

Sample entrance code of rabbitmq java client.

Passing testng command line arguments from ant

How to pass testng command line arguments dynamically when Ant is used for invoking testng task.

Passing parameters to testng xml from ant on jenkins

With Jenkins “This build is parameterized” feature, we can dynamically pass testng parameters (i.e. test config or data input) through Ant.

Ruby basics

Learn some basics of Ruby

Ansible basics

Execute remote command from command line and playbook with ansible.

Vagrant getting started

Quick steps of getting started with vagrant including installation, vm starting up and a few commonly-used commands.