Java convert string to stream

How to convert string to stream in java.

Java read file into string

How to read content of a file into string in java.

Find longest repeated substring

Find max/longest substring for a given string with minimum occurrences.

Find longest common substring

Find max common substring(s).

Find max common divisor

Find max common divisor.

IP address classes and subnetting

IP address classes (Class A, B, C) and subnetting (CIDR).

OSI model and DoD model

OSI model and DoD (TCP/IP) model in computer networking.

Setup selenium grid to use in robotframework

Setup selenium grid to use in robotframework for web browser automation testing.

Python open file with with statement

It is good practice to use the with keyword when dealing with file objects. This has the advantage that the file is properly closed after its suite finishes, even if an exception is raised on the way. It is also much shorter than writing equivalent try-finally blocks.

Python multiprocessing

Python multiprocessing.