Minimum commands to survive tmux

tmux is a terminal multiplexer. It is very useful when we need run long-running tasks on remote servers on the background and check the results later without the need to keep a constant live ssh connection and worrying about network failure causing the task to exit unexpectedly. Here is a list of minimum commands to meet most of the use cases.

List existing sessions

$ tmux ls

Create a new session

$ tmux new -s <session-name>

Detach an existing session (i.e. put to background)

# hold ctrl, press b, release both, and then press d
$ ctrl+b d

# in case of nested session - not recommended
# hold ctrl, press b, release both; repeat, and then press d
$ ctrl+b ctrl+b d

Attach an existing session (i.e. bring to foreground)

$ tmux attach -t <session-name>

Kill an existing session

$ tmux kill-session -t <session-name>