JS resources

Since I find myself writing code more and more in JavaScript nowadays regardless of backend or frontend development, I figure out I should at least give it a look seriously, the first time in more than 10 years, and here are the resources I find useful while diving into this long overlooked programming language.

  • MDN, the go-to place for a quick reference to the standard.

    Bonus: it has a super handy search box that allows instant search by pressing the slash (/) on that page.

  • Exploring JS series, where to learn everything about JavaScript, seriously.

    Bonus: most of the books are free to read online!

  • TC39, the ECMAScript specification where JavaScript is defined.

    Bonus: it helps to fall asleep quickly.

  • Node.js API Documentation, JavaScript for the backend.

    Bonus: call yourself a 2-end JavaScript engineer :)

  • JavaScript Runtime Environment, a professional explanation.

    Bonus: it provides beautiful gif animations for easy visualizations.


  • Node.js Event Loop, a nice diagram.

    Bonus: promises, next-ticks, timers, and immediates… learn them all in one diagram.


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