About me


I’m Andy, a software engineer.

I lived in Shanghai for about 15 years.
I used to work with Java as my primary programming language, together with Python sometimes.

In the year 2018, I moved to Tokyo.
Since when I started using Ruby as my primary programming language, together with nodejs.
Now I am mainly a Ruby on Rails web developer.

Of course, I still write JavaScript code whatsoever.

I like the KISS principle, and I always prefer to solve problems in a simpler way.


I speak English at work, which is my 1st foreign language, because I work with international colleagues;
I need communicate with local residents in Japanese, which is my 2nd foreign language;
At home I chat with my family in Mandarin, which is my 2nd native language;
When talking with my parents I’d always use the Sichuanese dialect, and it is my 1st native language.

I used to watch football (eh…soccer) games, American TV dramas, and Japanese anime a lot, but not any more…

The only kind of tv dramas I still watch and follow nowadays is 刑事ドラマ.


I am reachable by email parsable at the bottom left corner and I am almost away from SNS.

Thank you for visiting.